Sarah & Ariel's wedding at Miller Lash House

Sarah & Ariel's wedding was the ultimate - it was incredibly animated, beyond original, and profoundly intimate.  My body maaaajorly ached with fun the next morning.  I threw out my shoulder from immersing myself into the most bananas hora of all time, but as you can tell from the photos, it was totally worthwhile!  What a party.

I'll always treasure this wedding.  Two very special clients have now become two cherished friends.  For the very first time, I was invited to sit at the head table with the immediate family!  I couldn't believe it.  I should be so lucky to ever have that opportunity again.  I would have cried if I wasn't so busy laughing my buns off/dancing like a maniac the entire night.  Sarah & Ariel, I can't thank you enough.