Natalie & Steve's wedding at the Gladstone Hotel

I have to qualify Natalie & Steve's wedding at the Gladstone as the most chill wedding of all time.  (I was not surprised by that though, as these two are some pretty cool cucumbers.)  It was really special for me to be in the room as the two of them got ready for their ceremony together, surrounded by only a handful of their dearest people.

Really, the entire day had that same vibe - easygoing, cozy, warm.  Nat & Steve even skipped doing couples photos, just because they wanted to spend as much time as possible soaking up all of the affection they could from their loved ones!  When my clients consider me to be a friend, that trust gives me the chance to get close and make some exceptional images.  I can't thank Nat & Steve enough for including me in their celebration, and for being such considerate friends.