Juliana & James' Costa Rica wedding

Juliana & James' wedding was super special, for many reasons.  A few years ago I spent many a cozy night at the hotel they run in Jacó, and their generosity (both in hospitality and in spirit) was heartwarming.  When I arrived back at the Vista Pacifico in October, it really felt like a homecoming.  I'm very thankful for the familiarity between us, because that trust is precious, and it is exactly such trust that gives me the opportunity to create my best photos. 

These two have been together for seventeen years.  I was touched to be included in the intimate gathering of family & friends who traveled to Costa Rica to witness these sweethearts tie the knot.  It was a totally rad party.  Since J & J were big on the rave scene back in the day there were some sweet DJ sets by some of their closest friends, and the after-party went well into the morning hours their hotel!  I almost fell asleep in my bathing suit.  Juliana & James - thank you so much for asking me along for the ride, and for your friendship.  Pura vida.  xx


Emily & Clay's cottage wedding in Durham

It was on one of those brilliant late September autumn days when Emily & Clay got married in Durham.  The celebrations had already started the night before my arrival, so I walked right into a cottage full of people bursting with feelings.  The tenderness between everyone was palpable, and they made me feel right at home.

My only regret of the day was not bringing along a tent with me - I wish I had planned ahead to stick around to party after my work was done!  It pains me to have missed out on such a sweet playlist, and some very expressive dancing.  Missed dancing opportunity aside, it was a day of so many profound emotions - emotions I feel grateful to have documented.  It brought me much joy to share all of this with Emily & Clay.  Thanks for choosing me, pals.


Natalie & Steve's wedding at the Gladstone Hotel

I have to qualify Natalie & Steve's wedding at the Gladstone as the most chill wedding of all time.  (I was not surprised by that though, as these two are some pretty cool cucumbers.)  It was really special for me to be in the room as the two of them got ready for their ceremony together, surrounded by only a handful of their dearest people.

Really, the entire day had that same vibe - easygoing, cozy, warm.  Nat & Steve even skipped doing couples photos, just because they wanted to spend as much time as possible soaking up all of the affection they could from their loved ones!  When my clients consider me to be a friend, that trust gives me the chance to get close and make some exceptional images.  I can't thank Nat & Steve enough for including me in their celebration, and for being such considerate friends.


Sarah & Ariel's wedding at Miller Lash House

Sarah & Ariel's wedding was the ultimate - it was incredibly animated, beyond original, and profoundly intimate.  My body maaaajorly ached with fun the next morning.  I threw out my shoulder from immersing myself into the most bananas hora of all time, but as you can tell from the photos, it was totally worthwhile!  What a party.

I'll always treasure this wedding.  Two very special clients have now become two cherished friends.  For the very first time, I was invited to sit at the head table with the immediate family!  I couldn't believe it.  I should be so lucky to ever have that opportunity again.  I would have cried if I wasn't so busy laughing my buns off/dancing like a maniac the entire night.  Sarah & Ariel, I can't thank you enough.


Mel & Justin's wedding in Rockwood

I couldn't have been happier to kick off my wedding season with Mel & Justin's charming outdoor ceremony in the Rockwood Conservation Area - even after stepping two feet deep into a pond!  Oops.  These things just happen when you're in the zone, yanno.   Biggest hugs to M & J for asking me to join in on all the love, and for trusting me to document the day as it unfolded.


Neta & Trevor's wedding in Bradford

Ohhhh the feels I get from autumn colours - although that was only part of the reason why Neta & Trevor's intimate cottage ceremony in Bradford was such a delight to participate in.  These two were so thrilled to make it official that the room was practically vibrating from the excited energy!  I had to do my best to keep it together.  When I left, I was beaming.  I'm so thankful to have been there to capture moments from this brilliant celebration.


Karen & Simon's wedding in Kingston

Looking back on Karen & Simon's farm wedding in Kingston, I'm so taken by how extraordinarily green it was!  (Something you appreciate much, much more in the middle of January - naturally.)  It was a quickie, but a goodie.  It's really such a pleasure to hang with bright, easygoing people that it makes my work hardly feel like a job.


Ted & Brian's wedding in Killarney

Today, I'm revisiting Ted & Brian's Killarney wedding to help bring some warmth back to my cold, cold bones.  These two gentlemen tied the knot with an Objibwe ceremony at Roche Rouge, where Ted used to camp as a boy.  This was a such special day, especially for my first wedding, and I'm really grateful I was there to document the celebration.